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At Larkin Hoffman, our attorneys understand that practicing family law requires more than knowledge of the law.  It requires the ability to build relationships with clients in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

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We believe that family law needs to work for you, not against you and understand the importance of managing effective attorney-client relationships in order to prevent undue stress while working through family law matters.  Most of our clients have intense careers and busy lifestyles.  We never forget that your time is valuable, which is why we fully embrace technology – such as e-mailing, scanning or sending documents via courier – for your convenience.

Changes in your family life can trigger other issues as well.  Our attorneys not only understand the importance of discussing property ownership, tax burdens and financial solvency, but we also have the experience of our colleagues in other practice groups who can advise our clients on specific financial planning and property issues.

It is also important to note that once a decision is made in the courts, it isn’t necessarily final. It can be appealed through the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the state’s intermediate appellate court.  Appealing a case is not re-trying it.  Appeal courts focus on legal errors made during the trial, not on rehearing the facts of the case.  No new evidence or testimony is offered; the Court reviews the decisions and procedures of the lower court or agency and decides whether an error occurred.  

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in family law appeals as well as all aspects of family law.  For more information about or legal services or need legal representation, please call us at 952-835-3800.

Related Experience
Custody Appeal
Larkin Hoffman's Family Law team represents father on a custody appeal.

Dissolution Case--Motion to Transfer
Larkin Hoffman's Family Law team represents client in a dissolution action involving transferring the case to a different county.

Relief from Supervised Parenting Time
A father, who was subjected to limited supervised parenting time with his daughter following questionable allegations by the wife, contacted Larkin Hoffman.

Grandparents are Not Equal to Parents
In an opinion published June 20, 2011, the Minnesota Court of Appeals found in favor of Larkin Hoffman's client and overturned a lower court decision that gave  the maternal grandmother of the client's son "unprecedented" expansive visitation privileges that interfered with his role as father.

Dismissal of Order for Protection in Domestic Abuse Case
Faced with the possibility of an Order for Protection that would limit time with his nine-year-old daughter, a father contacted Larkin Hoffman for support in a domestic abuse case.

Long Distance Mediation Avoids Court Hearing in Custody Case
When a father’s young children were taken from the United States to Europe by his wife, the father contacted Larkin Hoffman for support. 

Increasing Father’s Parenting Time in Shared Custody Case
When the father of a nine year-old girl needed help to secure his rights to parenting time, he contacted Larkin Hoffman. The father and mother had been separated for several years and the mother refused to let the father have more than six hours of parenting time with the child every other weekend. After the mother refused to change her position in mediation, Larkin Hoffman attorney Rob Hill prevailed in district court so that the father received the statutorily presumptive 25 percent of parenting time. For the first time, the daughter now spends overnights at her dad's apartment. 


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