Business Law Update, April 2010

04/08/2010 / Business Litigation Practice and Benefits Law Practice

Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors Can Be Costly
By Ashlee M. Bekish





Learn more about the risks of misclassifying your employees as independent contractors.  Continue

Health Care Reform – What Employers Need to Know Now
By Mary L. Komornicka 

Learn more about how new federal health care reform will affect employers.  Continue

Collecting Delinquent Accounts
By L. Kathleen Harrell-Latham & Mark Geier  


Learn more about how companies can effectively collect delinquent accounts.  Continue

U.S. Supreme Court Deems Attorneys “Debt Relief Agencies,” Limiting Certain Pre-Bankruptcy Advice They Can Give Clients and Requiring Additional Disclosures 
By Kenneth Corey-Edstrom & L. Kathleen Harrell-Latham


Learn more about a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that has broadly defined “debt relief agencies.”  Continue

Department of Labor Ends Practice of Issuing Fact-Specific Opinion Letters
By Julia H. Halbach


Learn more about the Department of Labor’s decision to stop issuing Opinion Letters to guide employers.  Continue

Supreme Court Upholds “Demeanor Based” Rejection of Juror
By Julia H. Halbach 


Learn about a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision discussing when a court may strike a juror based on the juror’s demeanor.  Continue

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