Business Law Update, February 2011



Settlement Reached in Case Involving NLRB's Complaint Against Employer for Discharging Employee for Negative Facebook Posts

By Ashlee M. Bekish 

As the use of social media as a method to communicate with one another continues to rise, so does the likelihood that employees will turn to social media to air grievances about their work environments.  Accordingly, it is important that employers understand the circumstances which led the NLRB to pursue a case against AMR so that they do not unwittingly find themselves in a similar predicament. Read more...

Upcoming Cases in the United States Supreme Court’s 2010 Term: Volume II

By Ashlee M. Bekish and John A. Kvinge*

This update provides a brief review of some of the cases that have been scheduled for oral argument since our last update in November.   Read more...

 U.S. Supreme Court Expands Scope of Title VII Protections

By Julia H. Halbach 

The Court's decision significantly expanded the scope of employees who are protected by the statute, and will have a considerable impact on employers dealing with charges and investigations regarding discrimination and harassment.Read more...



The Supreme Court Rules That Chapter 13 Debtor Cannot Take an Ownership Deduction for a Paid-Off Car

By Jay Reding

In the first opinion authored by Justice Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court ruled that a Chapter 13 debtor may not deduct the "ownership costs" of a vehicle under the means test when he owes no further payments on the vehicle.  Read more...

OSHA Withdraws Two Proposals

By Bruce J. Douglas and Chris M. Heffelbower

In late January, OSHA withdrew two controversial proposals related to occupational noise and musculoskeletal disorders. Read more...

OSHA Annual Summary Posting Requirements

By Bruce J. Douglas and Chris M. Heffelbower

Certain employees are required to post the OSHA Form 300A on February 1, 2011.  Read more...

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