Capitol Watch, Governor Tim Pawlenty's Final State of the State

02/11/2010 / Government Relations Group


Today, Governor Tim Pawlenty delivered his final State of the State Address. 

The text is below.

***Remarks as prepared for delivery.

This state of the state address is not the most important thing that happened in Minnesota this week - not by a long shot.

The most important thing that happened this week is that our Red Bulls of the Minnesota National Guard came home.

Let me tell you what they did.  This was the first time since World War II that a National Guard unit from any state was given complete command authority for such large military activities in a war zone.

They were given this awesome mission for one reason: they are the best.

If all of us as Minnesotans, in whatever our responsibilities, and whatever our challenges, can reflect even a fraction of their spirit, dedication, courage, and strength, Minnesota will continue to be one of the most remarkable places the world has ever known.

I’d also like to recognize and thank each public servant here today.  Holding public office is a high honor.  But honor has its sacrifices, which your families also bear.

To them and to you: thank you for serving the good people of Minnesota.

To those here today who hope to be Governor next year -1 have a few tips for all of you.

First, schedule a monthly haircut to manage your mullet.

Second, try to make sure the person who is responsible for representing your positions in court, the Attorney General, is also not your re-election opponent.

Third, don’t kiss an eelpout on the lips, even if the locals say it’s for good luck.

Fourth, before you take the microphone at a Minnesota Wild game, carefully practice pronouncing the word “puck.”

But seriously and most importantly, make sure you have a patient, kind-hearted, smart, and wonderfully supportive spouse.  Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in recognizing and thanking the First Lady of Minnesota, Mary Pawlenty, for her great work on behalf of our state.

Today, the state of our state is challenged, but our spirit is resilient.  Continue

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