Chuck Modell Facilitates Roundtable Discussion at IFA Annual Convention



Chuck Modell was featured as a facilitator for the Business Solution Roundtables session at the IFA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, February 5-8, 2010.

The roundtable sessions are designed to generate discussion on cutting-edge topics in the franchising industry, and provide practical solutions to staying competitive in today’s marketplace.

Chuck’s discussion focused on “Working with Financially Distressed Franchisees,” and will include topics such as: (i) how franchisors can help struggling franchisees succeed; (ii) balancing the needs of the franchisor and franchisee when revenues are falling, (iii) investments franchisors can make in their system to emerge stronger from a difficult economy; (iv) standards that should be relaxed during a difficult economy; and (v) remedies for franchisees if their franchisor becomes insolvent.