Comprehensive Plan and Zoning for Mixed-Use Redevelopment


When Wayzata Bay Development and Presbyterian Homes sought approval of a mixed-use redevelopment of the Wayzata Bay Shopping Center, the client turned to Larkin Hoffman for advice on comprehensive plan and zoning issues, including a major ordinance amendment, without which the project could not proceed. A prime redevelopment site in the City of Wayzata, the shopping center is beyond its useful life and is losing tenants, contributing to an erosion of Wayzata’s downtown retail base. Within recent years, two substantial redevelopment efforts have been attempted and failed. Wayzata Bay Development and Presbyterian Homes proposed an aggressive mixed-use redevelopment plan comprised of owner-occupied condominiums, senior housing, office, retail, hotel and structured parking. To achieve the necessary level of density for the viability of the use, it was necessary to convince the City to amend its PUD zoning ordinance to allow height and setback relief. Without increased density, the project could not move forward. The Larkin Hoffman team, led by Peter Coyle, analyzed the comp plan and zoning ordinance and advised on the regulatory relief requested from the City, including thorough preparation of specific ordinance amendments. By a divided vote of 3-2, the City Council approved the key amendment and, subsequently, the project.