Employees in California Entitled to Paid Sick Leave in 2015

10/27/2014 / Chris Harristhal

Under the Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act of 2014, California joined Connecticut as one of two states that require employers to give employees paid sick leave. The California statute will take effect July 1, 2015, and applies to employers that have one or more employees in California. Those employees will be entitled to take up to six days of paid sick leave for personal and family members’ medical reasons. 
The new law states that employees must be allowed to begin using paid sick days as early as the 90th day of employment. Employers must allow employees to carry over unused sick leave into the next year, but it need not be paid out upon termination of employment. 
The law will also require the posting of a notice to affected employees, and those posters should be available from the State of California. 
This law is important to any company that has one or more employees working in California. Employers may wish to consider adopting a separate policy for personnel in California, or Connecticut, with regard to paid sick days, unless the company already affords workers paid sick leave consistent with the requirements of the new Act. 
City governments may also have ordinances that affect the right to paid sick leave. Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle all have requirements in that regard.