Four Associates Complete Trial Skills Program


Peter Carlson, Sejal Desai Winkelman, Julia Halbach, and Carrie Zochert, associates in Larkin Hoffman’s Business Litigation Department, recently completed a trial skills program led by Professor John O. Sonsteng, William Mitchell College of Law and the Regional Director for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. This extensive training focused on fundamental trial advocacy skills such as preparing and presenting opening and closing statements; strategizing for and examining witnesses; executing overall trial strategy; and courtroom etiquette. The culmination of the training program was a full length mock trial presented by the associates before the Honorable James A. Morrow, a retired district court judge. Prof. Sonsteng recently was awarded the 2007 Honorable Prentice H. Marshall Faculty Award for his innovative teaching methods.

This program is part of Larkin Hoffman’s ongoing internal training program for its associates and its commitment to their development.