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Larkin Hoffman Successfully Assists Anytime Fitness in Enforcing Noncompete Provisions in Minnesota District Court


Most franchise agreements contain covenants not to compete, by which the franchisee agrees not to compete against the franchise system it is entering, both during the term of the franchise and for a specified period of time following termination of the agreement.  These clauses are important to franchisors, as franchisors spend much time and expense training franchisees and assisting in the establishment of their business, and noncompete provisions allow franchisors to protect this investment.  Additionally, a franchisee that continues to operate a similar business after the term of the agreement would then be competing with any new franchisee in the area.




A recent decision illustrates the importance of strict compliance with all provisions of applicable franchise laws, even those that are seemingly innocuous.  While some states, including Minnesota, have adopted a “no harm, no foul” approach to franchise violations, other jurisdictions grant remedies to franchisees when their franchisor does not strictly comply with a franchise law requirement. 

Anatomy of the Sale of a Brand," and Cyndi Klaus will speak on "Vicarious Liability" at the Annual Forum.


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Oct/Nov 2008


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