Green Design


When TE Miller Development needed to obtain approval for two development projects, the developer turned to the Larkin Hoffman Real Estate and Land Use practice group. The Larkin Hoffman team, led by Bill Griffith, helped the client obtain approval for two projects in the Southdale area of Edina, MN, that would incorporate green components to reduce environmental effects of projects in developed areas surrounding Southdale Center. The first project will redevelop two low-rise commercial buildings with a four-story apartment building and retail anchor. The retail project is being built in two stories with parking underneath the building and employs the latest storm water collection system to manage storm water onsite. The second project planned is a medical office building that redevelops an existing site. Again, underground parking, storm water collection, enhanced landscaping and pedestrian facilities minimize the environmental effect of the project on the surrounding properties and community as a whole. Edina City Council members lauded the developer for its commitment to sustainable development.