Health Care Reform: What Do I Do Now?


Larkin Hoffman partnered with Hanratty & Associates to present a seminar on recent Supreme Court health care rulings and their impact on employers. The session included an overview of the ruling, discussion about the current status of PPACA implementation, and an outline of the changes coming in 2013 and 2014. Some of the most common areas of concern addressed, including: 

  • Factors employers should use to determine whether or not to continue offering health insurance;
  • Timeline for implementation;
  • How insurance companies and medical providers are approaching the changes;
  • What health care exchanges are and how they impact small businesses
Guests were able to learn about  recent, important changes from leaders in the field of human resources and compliance and panelists including: David Hann, State Senator representing Eden Prairie and Minnetonka; Matt Marek, Vice President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota; and Manny Munson Regala, Deputy Exchange Director at the Minnesota Department of Commerce, and Jeff Schackor, President of HealthLink Minnesota Management Group.