Henry Pfutzenreuter Featured in Franchise Times Article About Newly Selected Legal Eagles Embracing Change


Henry Pfutzenreuter is featured in a recent Franchise Times article about newly selected Legal Eagles embracing change. The article How Younger Legal Eagles Embrace Change features interviews with 2021 Legal Eagles and states "the new generation of franchise legal professionals coming into the industry with more than just youthful energy. They’re bringing new ideas, new ways of working, new technology and are providing some new value to franchise clients."

Henry is quoted in the article saying, "Young lawyers face a lot of adversity. I think that’s what defines this younger generation of attorneys, and it ingrains some of the best attributes of a lawyer: honesty, hard work and humility."  The article mentions that Henry says a "willingness to embrace change is one thing that makes younger lawyers unique...Someone who has been doing something for 40 years doesn’t necessarily want to invest in something new, but if you’re looking at another 30 years of practice, change is the only constant and younger attorneys are willing to make those investments.”

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