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  • Additional Avenues Beyond Litigation for Defending Against Allegations of Patent Infringement

    11/29/2016 / Todd R. Fronek

    Todd Fronek co-wrote the article "Additional Avenues Beyond Litigation for Defending Against Allegations of Patent Infringement," which appeared in DRI's IP Update.

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  • Federal Circuit Upholds Database Patent

    06/29/2016 / Todd Fronek

    Software patent applicants and patent holders were provided with a boost to their portfolios with a recent Federal Circuit decision in Enfish v. Microsoft. Those who follow software patents are no doubt aware of the large number of patents that have been invalidated since the Supreme Court issued its 2014 decision in Alice v. CLS. Prior to the Enfish ruling, only one Federal Circuit case addressing Section 101 patent eligibility pertaining to computer inventions had upheld a patent in view of the Alice decision. As more cases are evaluated in view of Alice, more clarity and certainty are provided to those evaluating validity of issued patents and preparing new applications for filing.

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  • Building a Quality Patent Portfolio

    02/16/2016 / Todd R. Fronek

    Michelle Lee, current Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, has made it a point to increase the quality of patents that it issues. As part of the “Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative,” the USPTO will strive to issue patents that are both “correct and clear.” System-wide, issuing correct and clear patents will help to reduce inefficiencies created when patents are invalid, overly vague or include some combination of issues, and then asserted as infringed by a specific device sold by a competitor.

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  • Developing an IP Strategy for Your Startup

    09/28/2015 / Todd R. Fronek

    Starting a business, as well as brewing quality beer, are not easy tasks. There are several factors to consider when developing your business plan such as defining startup costs, hiring key employees, attracting investment, crafting a marketing plan and building an advisory team. In brewing beer, adherence to process and formula is critical. Too often, companies fail to recognize the importance of an intellectual property (IP) strategy and how crucial obtaining the proper protection for ideas is to their success.

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