James Sander Authors Protecting Payment Blog Series on the Larkin Hoffman Real Estate and Construction Blog


James Sander authors the Protecting Payment series on the Larkin Hoffman Real Estate and Construction Blog. His Protecting Payment series focuses on the means and methods businesses in the construction industry use to protect their right to payment. He touches on issues of contracts, collections, construction liens and the corresponding interests of the developers and property owners who build.

Protecting Payment Series

  1. What and Why are Construction Liens Anyway?

  2. Construction Liens Must be Protected Early – Sometimes Within Weeks of Starting a Job

  3. Early Notice May be Required to Qualify for Lien Protections

  4. What is a Lienable Contribution?

  5. Protecting Payment–The Owners Perspective

  6. Using Payment Bonds to Protect Payment Rights in Construction

  7. The Importance of Lien Waivers

  8. Slow Paying Customers Can Bring a Contractor Down

  9. What Surprises Lurk In That Certificate of Insurance?

  10. Can a “Pay If Paid” Clause Bar Lien and Bond Claims in Minnesota?

  11. What Happens If You Don’t Have A Lien?