John Diehl Published in Minneapolis Star Tribune Opinion Counterpoint


John Diehl is featured in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune’s opinion Counterpoint.  His post Counterpoint: I-35E was a rare victory for free people over freeways offers both additional context and a rebuttal to the Star Tribune's Feb. 12 article Curious Minnesota: Why does I-35E through St. Paul have a 45-mph speed limit?. In his post, John takes issue with the earlier article’s casting of the 45 mile-per-hour speed limit by a researcher for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) stating the framing of the issue is both “disrespectful and cynical.” John argues the reduced speed limit was not “tossed in as a compromise for political expediency” outlining the history that pushed a group of citizens to form RIP 35E and lobby for the reduced speed as part of their effort to protect the environment and residents impacted by the freeway. 

John is uniquely qualified to offer his counterpoint opinion piece as he served as chairman of the RIP 35E environment legal defense fund from 1973 to 1982. 

John Diehl counsels and represents health care providers including professionals, hospitals, nursing homes and other service providers. He advises on a broad range of issues in corporate law, governance, patient care, state and federal regulatory compliance (including Stark, anti-kickback laws and HIPAA), third-party payment and exempt organization tax laws.