Labor & Employment Law Update, August 2010



Recent Minnesota Court of Appeals Decision Again Reminds Employers of the Importance of Carefully Drafting Their Employment Handbooks in Order to Avoid Liability
By Sejal Desai Winkelman

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently reemphasized the importance for employers to have a well-drafted and clearly written employment handbook in order to avoid uncertainty and potential liability.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- Improving the Health Care Workforce: "Innovations" -- Second Part in Series
By Bruce J. Douglas and Kelly Burke*
Larkin Hoffman is providing a four-part series on how the PPACA intends to innovate and make changes in the workforces of physicians, nurses, dentists, geriatrics, long term care, allied, and mental and behavioral health.  This article focuses on innovations in improving the health care workforce.

Recently Enacted and Pending Federal Labor and Employment Legislation
By Bruce J. Douglas and John Kvinge*
During the past several months, several significant federal labor and employment laws have been enacted into law. In addition, legislation currently pending in Congress will have an impact on employers, if enacted.  Read more...

Department of Labor Issues New Guidelines for Breaks for Nursing Mothers
By Chris M. Heffelbower
The Department of Labor (“DOL”) issued a fact sheet in July 2010 to aid employers in complying with the recent federal law concerning breaks for nursing mothers.  Read more...

New Rule Permits Form I-9 to be Retained in Electronic Format
By Chris M. Heffelbower
Employees may now sign the Employment and Eligibility Form I-9 electronically, and employers may retain the form in an electronic format.  Read more...

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