Larkin Hoffman Attorneys Celebrate Twin Cities Women Leading Real Estate


On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, Bisnow held its annual Power Women event Twin Cities Women Leading Real Estate: Celebrating the Trailblazers that Paved the Way in CRE.  Larkin Hoffman proudly sponsors this annual event which brings together some of the real estate and construction industry's most powerful and influential women.   

The event opened with a warm welcome by Kate Cochran, a real estate litigation attorney from Larkin Hoffman.  Kate welcomed the audience and then turned to Megan Rogers, a real estate and land use attorney from Larkin Hoffman, to conduct a keynote fireside chat with Ra’eesa Motala, VP, Industrial & Corporate Solutions at Rokos Advisors.  Megan and Ra’eesa discussed the obstacles they encountered coming into an industry largely dominated by men, what motivates them to continue and why they feel the future is bright for women in the industry. 

Larkin Hoffman’s real estate litigation attorney, Heidi Bassett announced this year’s honorees from the real estate and construction industries included Ra’eesa Motala, Rokos Advisors; Kara Frank, Twin Realty Investment Co.; Anne Olson, Centerspace Homes; Jaclyn May, Cushman & Wakefield; Sheri Brezinka, U.S. Green Building Council; Angela Ledding, PACE Loan Group; Sonja Dusil, United Properties; Shannon Rusk, Oppidan; Emily Nicoll, CBRE; Jessica Welk, Schafer Richardson; and Amanda Leathers, Upland. 

Larkin Hoffman real estate attorneys left to right: Kate Cochran, Brooke Hein, Brandi Kerber, Megan Rogers, Heidi Bassett