Larkin Hoffman Launches New Website on Franchising

04/16/2019 / Sawan Patel

Larkin Hoffman is pleased to announce the launch of its new website on franchising. For over 40 years, Larkin Hoffman has been representing entrepreneurs, business owners, and franchisors looking to expand through franchising.  The firm works with both startup franchisors as well as many of the leading brands, some with thousands of locations across the country. 

Our attorneys will be periodically blogging on the law and business of franchising—everything from best practices and tips, to new legal rules, to case studies. We hope you and your colleagues will find this information timely and valuable, and invite you and your colleagues to subscribe to our website. The new website also provides information for startup franchisors looking to learn more about franchising, from the laws that govern franchising to the pros and cons of franchising. For emerging and mature franchisors, the new website describes many of the services Larkin Hoffman offers, including legal assistance on renewals and state registrations, selling franchises, terminating franchises, and dispute resolution.