Minnesota 2020 Primary Guide

08/07/2020 / Matthew Bergeron

While most political commentators focus on the presidential election, Minnesota heads into campaign season with nearly every elected official on the ballot this November.  All 201 state legislative seats are up for election along with the state’s eight congressional districts and one of its two US Senate seats. With that many competitive races on the docket for the general election, it is no surprise that Minnesota will also see a number of high profile and competitive races as part of next week’s primary election.

Further, because many districts lean so heavily towards one political party or another, in many instances, the winner of the primary becomes an almost sure-thing to be elected in November.  That’s why, even as many of these races remain under the radar of most media outlets and political commentators, the Larkin Hoffman government relations team dedicates itself to knowing the candidates and their backgrounds. Everyone comes to elected office with a different story and those stories are fundamental to their public policy decision-making. This primary election guide lays out some of the most notable Minnesota primaries and discusses the individuals seeking office in each district.

As always, the Larkin Hoffman team is available to answer questions, make introductions, or otherwise assist you and/or your business as you seek to navigate the intricacies of local, state and federal government. 

Read the full Minnesota Primary Guide here or download a copy by clicking on the "Download PDF" button in the upper right corner.