Peder Larson Opens the Environmental Initiative’s 15th Annual Legislative Preview


Peder Larson opened the Environmental Initiative’s 15th annual legislative preview event on March 3 at the Science Museum of Minnesota, in St. Paul. The sellout crowd included a combination of state agency staff, nongovernmental organizations, trade groups, consultants and companies.

The event provides those who attend with an opportunity to hear from legislative leaders about their environmental priorities for the state legislative session that began March 8. The evening’s discussion covered a broad range of topics, including natural resource protection and funding, water, energy, climate mitigation, transportation, as well as others. Larkin Hoffman was the lead sponsor of the event.

“Once again, the event provided an opportunity for very candid conversations about important legislative topics for the 2016 session,” Larson said. “It is a great annual event that people should consider attending before the 2017 session.”

Guest speakers from the legislature included:

  • Senator Scott Dibble, (DFL) District 61
  • Representative Dan Fabian, (R) District 01A
  • Representative Pat Garofalo, (R) District 58B
  • Representative Tom Hackbarth, (R) District 31B
  • Representative Rick Hansen, (DFL) District 52A
  • Representative Frank Hornstein, (DFL) District 61A
  • Representative Phyllis Kahn, (DFL) District 60B
  • Representative Jon Koznick, (R) District 58A
  • Representative Tim Mahoney, (DFL) District 67A
  • Senator John Marty, (DFL) District 66
  • Representative Denny McNamara, (R) District 54B
  • Minority Whip David J. Osmek, (R) District 33
  • Minority Leader Paul Thissen, (DFL) District 61B
  • Representative Dean Urdahl, (R) District 18A
  • Representative Jean Wagenius, (DFL) District 63B