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Phyllis Karasov on Panel Discussing Title lX and How to Prepare for New Rules on Handling Sexual Misconduct


Phyllis Karasov recently participated in a panel which discussed how Title IX is implemented at schools and on college campuses, and the implications of proposed changes to Title IX rules regarding the handling of sexual misconduct.  The panel, Title lX: How to Prepare for New Rules on Handling Sexual Misconduct, organized by Minnesota Lawyer, took a deep dive into the administration of Title IX and how Title IX has changed through the years.  They also discussed the proposed regulations from the Biden Administration requiring schools to comply with new requirements when addressing sexual misconduct allegations. The panel discussed the proposed rules; what the changes will mean for complainants; accused individuals; and educational organizations.  

Phyllis Karasov is a labor and employment attorney who advises colleges and universities in all areas of human resources, including hiring, handbooks, regulatory compliance, discrimination, sexual harassment, discipline and termination, Americans with Disabilities Act, OSHA rules and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Phyllis is also an experienced and trained investigator of Title IX complaints.

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