Remembering Fran Heitzman


Fran Heitzman, the founder of Bridging, passed away January 11, 2020, after a lifetime of service to the community.  He was an inspiration to all who knew him or heard him describe his life’s mission.  He started Bridging 33 years ago.  Today it is the largest furniture bank in the United States having served more than 95,000 grateful households.

Larkin Hoffman founder, Bob Hoffman, and Fran were longtime friends and the firm had the honor of watching Fran turn his ambitious vision into reality.  We were pleased to be there when Bridging was incorporated and attorneys, Peter Coyle, Dan Ballintine and Dan Kadlec have had the privilege of serving on Bridging’s board of directors. “Tireless, passionate and relentless,” is how Pete Coyle described Fran and his mission at Bridging.

“Bloomington, the Twin Cities and the country have lost a visionary leader,” noted Paul R. Smith, President, Larkin Hoffman.  “When Fran spoke, it was impossible to listen passively.  He stirred emotions that demanded action and commitment.  Fran’s passion will always be the gold standard for community service.  He will be greatly missed, but his inspiration will motivate and serve others for decades to come.”