Three Questions with Megan Rogers


Tell us about something that has shaped your career as a real estate and land use attorney? 

I graduated from law school in 2008 and started my law practice at the peak of the Great Recession.  My timing could have been better, but I learned a lot from the experience.  My path to land use and real estate work wasn’t a straight one.  After a clerkship, I moved to Florida and was ready to hit the ground running when the economy started to turn around.  I worked on all kinds of developments from polo grounds and country clubs to sewage plants. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I think the variety of the projects we get to work on is what makes the work we do in land use and real estate law so interesting.  It’s about building infrastructure, community, and really lives at the intersection of law and public policy. 

What unique experience do you offer your clients?

I’ve worked on both sides of the table as an attorney for cities and for development teams and I use these experiences and insights for the benefit of my clients. 


Megan C. Rogers has worked in land use and government relations for over 10 years. Originally from the Twin Cities, she began her career in Florida working on development projects in Palm Beach County, the largest county by land mass east of the Mississippi.  She returned with her family to Minnesota and served as Assistant City Attorney at the City of Bloomington before joining Larkin Hoffman in 2021.

Megan represents businesses, developers, and property owners seeking favorable government approvals including licensing, zoning, and other regulatory matters. She provides guidance on bond financing for multifamily projects and real estate transactions including residential and commercial sales and leases, easement agreements, title registrations, and lot splits. Megan also advises clients and industry groups seeking favorable determinations from state agencies and licensing boards.