Three Questions with Peter Coyle


What led you to work in this field? 

I have always had an interest in government, especially trying to understand what drives government decision-making.  I decided to join Larkin Hoffman as a young lawyer because of its extensive focus on assisting clients who must engage government for some purpose.  I realized I could help my clients by applying my understanding of government in resolving their issues.

What experience has shaped your career?

Early in my career, I was able to work directly with one of the firm’s founders, Bob Hoffman.  Bob taught me that to effectively represent clients in a government process, we needed to invest personal time in getting to know government decision makers at all levels, through civic and political engagement.  It is advice I follow to this day.

What unique experience has influenced your approach to serving clients?

As a younger person, I wanted to work in Washington DC in some capacity.  Shortly after joining Larkin Hoffman, an opportunity arose to work for a US Senator.  The firm (and my wife) supported me in pursuing it, with a short-term leave of absence (2 years turned into 6 years). That experience has directly influenced my approach to serving clients who have a problem requiring engagement with the government.  


Peter Coyle is a business lawyer who advises clients that need to engage with government agencies to obtain necessary permits or other government approvals or who are forced to respond to a government investigation or allegation relating to their business.  He knows that interacting with the government can be stressful, and even intimidating, for clients; his job is to relieve their stress while helping them solve their problems.

Peter represents clients before the Minnesota Legislature and state agencies, as well as cities, counties, and townships, on a wide variety of business licensing, permitting, regulatory compliance, environmental review, and related matters. The main focus of his practice is advising landowners, developers, and contractors who are seeking local and state regulatory approvals associated with new commercial, industrial and residential land development projects.