Van Cleve Helps Minnesota Bee Keepers Settle Claims with DNR


Gary Van Cleve, chair of Larkin Hoffman's Real Estate Litigation practice group, and Tamara O'Neill Moreland, associate with Larkin Hoffman, served as co-counsel for Minnesota bee keepers in negotiating a settlement with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for losses incurred from negligent pesticide spraying.

The settlement reached between the Minnesota beekeepers and the DNR includes payment to the Minnesota beekeepers of $335,000 for damages to commercial bee hives caused by pesticides sprayed on trees enrolled in the Federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

The nonmonetary terms of the settlement serve to prevent future harm from the pesticides and educate landowners on the pesticides harmful effects to bees. The settlement states that the DNR will refrain from using the pesticides on CRP trees and must give notice if pesticide use resumes. The DNR also must provide written warnings to private land owners about the potential harmful effects that pesticides used on CRP tress have on commercial bee hives.

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