Withdrawal from Selling Group

When an international distribution company needed advice about its rights related to withdrawal from a selling group, the company turned to Larkin Hoffman. Working with in-house counsel and officers of the company, the Larkin Hoffman team, led by Joe Fittante, advised the client on antitrust issues, copyright infringement, trade secret issues, tortious interference, and industrial espionage. This work also included advising the client about its rights under various vendor contracts and under corporate laws applicable to the selling group. The Larkin Hoffman team’s efforts resulted in the client efficiently withdrawing from the group and maintaining many of its customer relationships established during its involvement with the group. The Larkin Hoffman team and their roles included:

Adam Huhta – tortious interference
Chris Harristhal and Dan Ballintine – industrial espionage and trade secrets
Michael Fleming – copyright infringement
Bill Thornton – antitrust
Meredith Bauer – vendor contracts