Larkin Hoffman is committed to serving the communities in which we work. One of the most rewarding services we provide our community is legal services to those of limited means. We encourage all legal personnel to provide pro bono services and consider these services to be part of our practice. 

Larkin Hoffman was one of the first 14 firms to sign on to the voluntary Minnesota State Bar Association Pro Bono Standard. As a leader in our profession, we commit to providing 2% of the firm’s billable hours to assisting individuals and organizations dedicated to addressing the needs of persons with limited means.

The firm’s attorneys are active members of chambers of commerce and city councils, and serve on the boards of local universities, hospitals and museums. Our employees have consistently participated in organizations such as The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, the National MS Society, Bridging and the American Cancer Society. We do well by doing good, as this spirit of dedication and teamwork makes for a positive work environment and plays a vital role in successfully fulfilling the needs of thousands of clients. We are very proud of the community organizations we serve.

Recent Community Service Involvement

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Featured Community Partner: National MS Society

January 1, 2012

The National MS Society dedicates time and resources to help fight the debilitating disease of multiple sclerosis. MS is a nerve disease that generally manifests in young adulthood  and there is no known cure. Symptoms range from the barely discernable to those that are seriously debilitating. As the disease progresses, those afflicted become more plagued with fatigue and suffer greater degrees of inability to function. The Society funds cutting-edge research, drives change through advocacy, facilitates professional education, and provides programs and services that help people with MS move their lives forward.  

The Society and its chapters raise awareness and funding with annual events built around athletic activities including walking and biking. The C.H. Robinson MS 150 Bike Ride is an annual event in which Larkin Hoffman has actively participated since 2007. The firm was a three-year title sponsor for the event and has sponsored a team of up to 110 riders for the past six years. Dick Knutson, our Chief Operating Officer, dedicates his time as a member of the boards of both the National MS Society and the Upper Midwest Chapter. To date, our efforts have raised over half a million dollars for the Society. Our affiliation is rooted in a deep understanding of how this disease affects the lives of our loved ones, colleagues and friends.

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