Doug Junker is a seasoned municipal licensing specialist who partners with hotel operators and restaurant owners to facilitate the acquisition of essential licenses. Drawing from his extensive experience in municipal licensing policies and procedures, Doug assists businesses in navigating the myriad challenges they encounter when seeking permits and licenses for their operations. He provides guidance on business planning, floor planning, licensing applications, and site inspections to ensure alignment with city regulations.

With over two decades of experience serving as the License Examiner/Deputy Clerk for the City of Bloomington, Minnesota, Doug has a profound insight into the intricacies of securing licenses. His wealth of knowledge renders him an invaluable resource and consultant for businesses, municipalities, and legal professionals seeking assistance or clarity on diverse licensing issues.

Doug is also frequently called upon to aid businesses, municipalities, and law firms in comprehending and interpreting business licensing policies and processes. He collaborates closely with all stakeholders to devise innovative solutions when licensing challenges arise.