Title Date
Obtained Favorable Verdict in Jury Trial Involving Breach of Contract, Piercing the Corporate Veil, and Fraud December 9, 2014
Defended Small Business against Claimed Breach of Fraudulent Contract June 20, 2014
Represented E-Commerce Management Company in Dispute Against Former Client June 20, 2014
Represented Owner and Shareholder in Closely Held Corporation Dispute June 19, 2014
Employment Agreements June 4, 2014
Obtained Dismissal of Lawsuit against Non-Profit Client Involving Brokerage Agreement Dispute May 21, 2014
Obtained Temporary Restraining Order Preserving Confidentiality of Manufacturer’s Trade Secrets and Confidential Information May 20, 2014
Established Guardianship and Conservatorship for Client’s Aging Parent May 20, 2014
Prescriptive Easement Denied After Court Trial March 27, 2014
Negotiated Settlement with Homeowner’s Association Regarding Roof Damage March 27, 2014
National Billboard Company Defeats Digital Ban March 8, 2014
Condominium Association Assessments Determined Valid By Jury March 7, 2014
Landowner Granted Access to Landlocked Parcel after MNDOT Failed to Comply with MN Statute January 8, 2014
Resolution Reached Between Manufacturer and Contactor at Pre-Arbitration Mediation January 8, 2014
Favorable Resolution Achieved for Commercial Property Owner Following Jury Trial January 8, 2014
Negotiated With Lender to Help Homeowner Avoid Foreclosure Sale January 8, 2014
Mechanical Engineering Firm Received Settlement for Unpaid Services January 8, 2014
Successful Resolution of Decade-Long Easement Dispute January 8, 2014
Litigation Regarding Student Discipline June 5, 2013
Prescriptive Easement Dispute Successfully Litigated for Property Owners May 31, 2013
Conditional Use Permit Denial Overturned March 28, 2013
Settlement Reached Between Homeowner and General Contactor March 20, 2013
Larkin Hoffman Successfully Represents Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Exclusive Leasing Agreement Dispute November 8, 2012
TRO Secured October 29, 2012
Larkin Hoffman Represents Lender in Eviction Dispute After Foreclosure August 21, 2012
Building Owner Compensated for Lost Rent and Inventory Costs February 29, 2012
Full Compensation for Damages Secured for Contractor in Construction Dispute February 7, 2012
Court Issues Decision Favorable to Tenant January 17, 2012
Favorable Verdict for Construction of Duluth Western Middle School October 15, 2011
Couple Not Liable for Impropriety in Cancelling Contract for Deed August 3, 2011
Judicial Decision Determines Substance Abuse Treatment Center an Essential Service During Shutdown August 3, 2011
Ordinance Banning Billboard Extensions Ruled Unlawful August 3, 2011
Resolution of Dispute Over Lease Modifications August 3, 2011
Apartment Building Owners Not Liable for Injuries Sustained by Tenant August 3, 2011
Successful Jury Verdict in Transportation Case July 18, 2011
Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Secured for Property Owner in Long-Running Special Assessment/Regulatory Taking Disputes with City of Rochester March 10, 2010
Court Grants Motion for Summary Judgment Dismissing Premises Liability Claim November 10, 2009
Contract for Deed Cancellation Notice Leads to Successful Commercial Transaction September 4, 2009
Property Owner Allowed to Cancel Purchase Agreement After Injunction Motion Struck Down September 4, 2009
Homeowners Awarded Damages 14 Years After Misrepresented Property Disclosures September 4, 2009
Judgment in Excess of $800,000 Obtained in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claim September 4, 2009
Car Wash Owner Wins Settlement Valued at More Than $300,000 September 4, 2009
Liquor License Remains in Place Despite Competitor’s Action to Repeal Approval September 4, 2009
Accountability for Timely Zoning Decisions June 22, 2009
School District Prevails in Summary Judgment Motion June 4, 2009
Healthcare Client Wins Defense Verdict June 4, 2009
City Noise Ordinances Citations Dismissed May 20, 2009
Court Dismisses Unlawful Eviction Action Brought Against a Landlord May 20, 2009
Arbitrator Refuses to Conditionally Certify Class in Resort Client Wage Case May 1, 2009
Injunction Prevents Builder from Cancelling Purchase Agreement December 4, 2008
Breach of Fiduciary Duty December 4, 2008
Relief from Supervised Parenting Time December 4, 2008
Dismissal of Retaliation and Discrimination Claims November 7, 2008
Mortgage Foreclosure Priority Dispute April 28, 2008
Computer Hacking February 20, 2008
Litigation Opposing Land Development Fees December 15, 2007
Accountability for Timely City Zoning Requests December 15, 2007
Appeal of Special Assessments for Public Improvements December 15, 2007
Response to Residential/Golf Course Development Fraud Lawsuit December 15, 2007
Intervention in Real Estate Possession December 15, 2007
Commercial Real Estate Abandonment December 15, 2007
Commercial Lease Termination December 4, 2007
Residential Real Estate Fraud December 3, 2007
Airport Redevelopment Agreement Enforcement December 2, 2007
Fraud Action Against Development Partner November 21, 2007
Misrepresentation Involving 1031 Exchange November 20, 2007
Common Interest Community Defective Design and Construction November 20, 2007
Breach of Contract in Accounting Firm Dissolution November 20, 2007
Breach of Contract Regarding Custom Built Phone Systems November 20, 2007
Breach of Contract for National Petroleum Company November 15, 2007
Mortgage Fraud and Flipping November 15, 2007
Breach of Contract Involving Improper Termination November 15, 2007
Conditional Use Permit October 1, 2007
Sale of Raw Land Site Along High-Growth Development Corridor October 1, 2007
Land Purchase Dispute October 1, 2007
Natural Resources Common Law Negligence April 6, 2007
Development Fraud Action February 1, 2007
Development Breach of Contract January 6, 2006
Successful Defense from Bankruptcy Trustee Lawsuit July 18, 2017
Successful Involuntary Bankruptcy Conversion March 2, 2018