The Larkin Hoffman construction and surety team counsels clients on every aspect of the construction process, from procurement and contracting to government regulations and high stakes litigation. We represent construction contractors, subcontractors, developers, commercial building owners and sureties.

Our team has extensive experience handling the wide range and ever increasing complexity of legal issues that may arise over the course of a construction project. In the area of government procurement and construction contracting, we advise clients on bid protests and “best value” contracting. We negotiate and draft construction contract documents, including construction financing documents, general contracts, subcontracts, design/build contracts and joint venture or teaming agreements.

We counsel clients facing a variety of construction or design defects, from condominium/townhome and commercial building defects to problems with dams and bridges. For clients with construction payment disputes, we handle mechanic’s lien claims, payment and performance bond claims, and claims for extra compensation due to delays, disruption, differing site conditions or defective specifications. We also work to resolve contractor licensing disputes.

We have substantial experience in the surety field, representing several sureties in regard to all aspects of their business. We draft and enforce indemnity agreements and equitable subrogation rights, manage defaults and takeover situations, and defend payment and performance bond claims and bad faith claims against sureties.

Construction contractors and subcontractors have unique labor and employment law needs. We advise and represent construction clients on all labor and employment issues, including OSHA citations, negotiations of collective bargaining agreements, union grievances and charges of discrimination and prevailing wage. 

Our objective is to help clients prevent disputes from arising through careful contract negotiation and drafting. When necessary, however, we zealously represent clients across the region in mediations, arbitrations, trials and appeals to reach the best possible resolution of their construction disputes.