We counsel clients, from start-ups to large corporations, about data privacy and cybersecurity matters. Our advice in this area is both preventative and curative. We advise clients regarding their legal obligations and protecting themselves with policies, procedures and systems designed to block intrusions. We also move quickly to address situations where an intrusion may have occurred.

Threats to data integrity come from every direction. In an era when clients are almost always connected electronically to their business partners, each link to the core of an organization represents a potential gateway for mischief. A client's digital interactions with its vendors, consultants, payment processors, manufacturers, fulfillment organizations, maintenance groups, and the like are all potential targets of attack. Data security can only be preserved to the extent that all of these connections are in synch with prevailing technology standards and industry best practices.

The task of preventing data and security breaches begins when business relationships are formed. Larkin Hoffman's attorneys actively participate in the creation of RFPs involving a company's acquisition of systems that touch its sensitive information. Then, they assist clients in the review of the proposals received and the negotiation of agreements with providers. Along the way, our attorneys work closely with an organization's business and IT personnel to confirm systems efficacy and compliance with technical and industry standards such as SSAE16 and the PCI Data Security Standard.

Larkin Hoffman has advised on a wide variety of data security projects including acquisitions of large ERP systems, arrangements with data centers, ensuring the safety of cloud-based solutions, adding bolt-on technology to existing systems and many others.