When private property is taken for a public purpose in the condemnation or eminent domain process, the owner has the constitutional right to receive payment of “just compensation” for the surrendered property and a right to be compensated for relocation costs under state and federal regulations. The owner also has the right to an independent appraisal to determine the fair market value of the property and the right to reimbursement of certain appraisal costs.

Larkin Hoffman represents land and home owners to ensure that they receive just compensation when property is taken by local government, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, port authorities, utility companies, and other entities with the power of eminent domain.

Our eminent domain team has represented clients in each and every stage of an eminent domain proceeding. We have handled preliminary negotiations for the sale of property, advised clients through the process of condemnation proceedings, and advocated for clients in the final determination of just compensation through litigation and the appellate process.

In addition, we advise clients who have been subject to government actions which affect the value of their property even though the government has not formally exercised its power of eminent domain. Property owners can go to court to seek a declaration that there has been a “taking” in a court procedure known as inverse condemnation. In such cases, property owners may seek just compensation for the taking.

We have the skills and experience to guide you through both eminent domain and inverse condemnation processes and to protect your legal rights.