Larkin Hoffman’s technology, Internet and e-commerce team advises clients on how to maximize and leverage their IP and technology assets to achieve business goals.

We work with businesses to develop Internet and e-commerce solutions that are both technically and commercially sound. We have the depth of experience to advise clients in all online aspects of their businesses, including:

  • Outsourcing of information technology, such as web site development, web hosting, content licensing, Internet service, and infrastructure

  • Development, ownership, distribution, and use of online resources

  • Cloud computing services contracts

  • Purchases of technology products and services

  • Launching web sites, managing data issues, and electronic publishing

  • User-generated web content

  • Registering, enforcing, and resolving disputes over domain names

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Global data security issues and allocation of liability

  • Web site terms of use, privacy policies, and e-mail and Internet usage policies

  • Developing rules for online sweepstakes

  • Resolving e-commerce and Internet-related disputes

Services agreements

We have drafted and negotiated license agreements and master services agreements for a broad range of software systems, big data, information technology, and e-commerce services. We have counseled clients regarding the move of their technologies to SaaS, cloud and similar models and outsourced hosting, as well as termination and transition to alternative vendors or in-house facilities.

We have negotiated and drafted hundreds of hosting and cloud service agreements because we represent large data centers that provide such services, as well as large-scale users of such services. We understand the importance of service levels, availability, latency thresholds, support and maintenance obligations, and response-time implications. We understand the specific contractual provisions that are often contentious, and we know how to craft creative compromises to get the deal done while minimizing risk for our clients.