Investigations, compliance and training are often sensitive topics subject to scrutiny by a large audience for many educational institutions. Larkin Hoffman brings together the experience of three well-established practices, education, employment and litigation, to provide institutions of higher learning with a comprehensive program for creating and implementing effective investigations, compliance reviews and training on a wide variety of issues.

Our attorneys have represented institutions of higher learning for decades. We have conducted investigations for all types of issues including discrimination, harassment and retaliatory misconduct. In our experience, solid, impartial investigations best assist administrators to make informed decisions on matters concerning their organization. For Title IX investigations, we have received extensive training regarding the sensitive nature of the matters involved, handling of evidence, witness interviews and other matters to help us produce the most effective results for our clients.

Our mission is to assist educational institutions make the best decisions on investigations with the best information we can provide. We understand that these matters are of great importance to students, their parents, faculty and administrators of the schools we serve and do our utmost to provide prompt, professional reports while treating everyone involved with dignity and respect.

As a firm, we have provided compliance and training to clients covering a wide variety of employment matters. We often assist clients to create effective training and compliance programs and regularly review their current programs. For Title IX, training topics include sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, gender discrimination, domestic or dating violence, retaliation, breach of “no-contact” orders, due process, incapacity, evidence and documentation.

We always appreciate an opportunity to work with organizations on their overall programs and are happy to discuss our services in greater depth. Please contact us for more information.

Investigations, Compliance and Training including Title IX Attorneys