Conflicts can threaten or disrupt any kind of business. When disputes occur, the Larkin Hoffman Litigation team protects and defends the interests of our clients.

Services we provide

  • Appeals

  • Bankruptcy

  • Business Litigation

  • Competitive Practices/Uniform Competition

  • Construction

  • Employment and Labor

  • Franchise and Distribution

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Intellectual Property

  • Investigations, Compliance and Training for Educational Institutions

  • Privacy and Data Security

  • Product Liability

  • Real Estate

  • Shareholder Disputes

What distinguishes Larkin Hoffman’s litigation group is our ability to concentrate our resources on the truly critical issues in a dispute. Litigation is always a means to a particular objective – never an end in itself. Each case must be handled efficiently and cost effectively.

We look for creative ways to resolve disputes without the time and cost of litigation. We regularly appear before the American Arbitration Association and are experienced in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We represent national companies and established local businesses in a wide range of matters. When a case must be resolved in court, however, we litigate aggressively.

Our litigation team is known for its ability to move quickly, tackle the thorniest litigation challenges and produce the highest quality work with the best possible results. We are especially proud of our reputation with judges and other law firms for competence and integrity under the stressful conditions that litigation can produce.

Litigation Practices

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