The Larkin Hoffman real estate litigation team combines experience in real estate, land use, construction and environmental matters with expertise in litigation, dispute resolution and appellate advocacy. Specialty areas include eminent domain actions, property tax assessment and special assessment appeals, landlord-tenant disputes, and liens and mortgages.

Disputes of all kinds

The real estate litigation team handles any dispute concerning the ownership, improvements, dimensions, use or value of real estate. Our trial lawyers represent property owners, buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords, tenants and business entities in a wide variety of real estate disputes. These disputes include boundary and easement disputes, construction and design defects, environmental disputes, foreclosures, green/sustainable development disputes, land use disputes, property tax appeals, special assessments, transactional disputes and telecommunications, as well as other disputed matters involving real property.

Eminent Domain

We represent land and home owners in eminent domain actions brought by local governments, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, port authorities, utility companies, and other entities. We help clients obtain independent appraisals, reimbursement of certain appraisal costs, compensation and relocation costs. We also advise clients on their appeals of property tax assessments and special assessments.

Lease Disputes

We represent property owners and lessees in all aspects of commercial and residential lease disputes ranging from an eviction action to a complex commercial lease dispute involving liability for repairs or property damage. We work effectively with clients to resolve landlord-tenant disputes in arbitrations, housing courts and jury trials. In the area of liens and mortgages, we represent lenders and condominium/townhome associations in mortgage foreclosures and foreclosures of an association’s assessment lien. We also walk clients through the highly technical foreclosure process to ensure the best collection remedy for the situation.

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