Larkin Hoffman advises clients on renewable energy policy and programs, working to reduce the burden of climate change regulations and to capitalize on “green” business opportunities. We provide counsel on renewable energy standards, renewable energy infrastructure development, electricity transmission, energy conservation and energy generation.

Leaders in the field of renewable energy

Few areas of law have changed more rapidly, and with greater effect, than those related to climate policy and renewable energy. We have been leaders, helping shape this new legal landscape, with active involvement in key organizations such as the Environmental Initiative, the United States Green Building Council, the Environmental and Natural Resource Committee of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and the Environmental Section of the American Bar Association.

PACE financing

In 2010, our firm was called upon to draft the initial language for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation in Minnesota. PACE financing involves public financing to incentivize improved energy efficiency in buildings and power generation from alternative sources. Shortly after the legislation was enacted, we advised on one of the first major PACE projects in the country. The project, for the largest retail mall in the country, met the client’s goals of providing an energy efficient lighting system in the mall’s parking ramps with a low upfront cost and quick return on investment.

While the shape of future climate regulation is still hard to predict, it is clear that climate regulation at the federal level is on the way and already exists, to varying degrees, at the state and local levels. This is especially true in Minnesota, which is at the forefront of renewable energy initiatives, regulation of greenhouse gas emissions through environmental review procedures, the adoption of PACE, and the enactment of a new solar energy incentive.

As environmental and renewable energy law and policy evolve, we help clients find the benefits of the changes, such as PACE financing, while avoiding the minefield of regulations that can seriously impair a business.

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