Larkin Hoffman’s Trademarks, Copyrights and Brand Protection team advises clients on the management and protection of brands, trademarks and copyrights worldwide.


Our services address all aspects of domestic and international trademarks, including:

  • Selecting trademarks, logos and domain names for brands
  • U.S. and foreign trademark applications
  • Defending against infringement and avoiding infringement of competitors’ brands
  • Acquisition, licensing, selling or financing of trademarks

Larkin Hoffman advises clients on a range of licensing agreements that preserve intellectual property rights and generate revenue. We have developed multi-brand and global brand operating standards, analyzed the advantages of various licensing models, drafted and administered ancillary agreements, and counseled on trademark licensing relationship issues. We also assist with license terminations and renewals as well as unique product development and expansion issues, including competitor encroachment, product convergence, and brand improvement plans.

When trademark owners wish to expand their brand into new product categories directly or through licensing programs, we review registrations in appropriate geographic territories, draft agreements, and provide counsel on the impact such expansion may have on existing brand standards and license agreements.


Our copyright attorneys help organizations identify, secure, protect, register, license, transfer and manage their copyrightable works and creative materials. We address copyright issues in the United States and in major global transactions. We advise clients in creating company policies regarding the usage of copyrighted material, implementing registration strategies, enforcing copyrights against infringers, and litigating to defend valuable copyrights.

Our copyright lawyers serve businesses in a wide variety of industries, including franchise, retail, hospitality, software, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

Brand Protection

We analyze a client’s brands and develop global policies, procedures and budgets for the protection of each brand. Our brand protection attorneys collaborate with clients in developing product categories and descriptions. We then select appropriate jurisdictions for national filings, and analyze the utility of treaty-based multinational filings. Our strategy is forward-looking – to ensure robust protection of each brand as it grows in recognition, geographic territory, and across product categories.

We work aggressively to protect and enforce a client’s trademarks. We develop a unique, tailored trademark enforcement strategy for each client, and we monitor trademark applications worldwide for those that may conflict with existing or newly acquired brands. Our attorneys monitor domain name registrations and Internet activities for infringing activities. When appropriate, we negotiate trademark coexistence agreements and co-branding agreements.

We advise clients regarding advertising, sales and marketing laws and regulations, including responses to private and public inquiries. Attorneys within our brand protection team contract with advertising and public relations agencies, review promotions and sweepstakes, and review quality control requirements.